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It is a vintage essay introduction that is five-paragraph.

It is a vintage essay introduction that is five-paragraph.

But Alex’s professor doesn’t want it. She underlines the first two sentences, and she writes, “This is just too general. Get to the true point.” She underlines the third and fourth sentences, and she writes, “You’re just restating the question I inquired. What’s your point?” She underlines the final sentence, and then writes within the margin, “What’s your thesis?” because the very last sentence within the paragraph only lists topics. It does not make a quarrel.

Is Alex’s professor just a grouch? Well, no—she is wanting to teach this student that college writing isn’t about following a formula (the five-paragraph model), it is about making a quarrel. Her first sentence is general, just how she learned a essay that is five-paragraph start. But through the professor’s perspective, it’s way too general—so general, in reality, she didn’t ask students to define civil war that it’s completely outside of the assignment. The 3rd and fourth sentences say, in a lot of words, “I am comparing and contrasting reasons why the North plus the South fought the Civil War”—as the professor says, they simply restate the prompt, without giving just one hint about where this student’s paper is certainly going. The final sentence, that should make a quarrel, only lists topics; it doesn’t begin to explore how or why something happened.

If you’ve seen lots of five-paragraph essays, it is possible to do you know what Alex will write next. Her body that is first paragraph begin, “We can easily see some of the different factors why the North and South fought the Civil War by looking at the economy.” What’s going to the professor say about this? She might ask, “What differences can we see? What area of the economy are you currently speaking about? Why do the differences exist? Exactly why are they important?” The student might write a conclusion that says much the same thing as her introduction, in slightly different words after three such body paragraphs.

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